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A shy intro....

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Sep. 27th, 2009 | 06:34 pm
mood: lovedloved
posted by: cherishedfemme in oldschoolbutch

Hello everyone...

I found this community and felt compelled to join. I hope it's still active. I'm 100% femme but wanted to join to show my appreciation for all butches and to brag about my wonderful girl friend.

As for myself, I'm 32 and live in TX. She's 35 and in the same area. I met her about 4 months ago on OKcupid and we hit it off like a dream. We chatted on-line for a while, then began phone talks and texting, and eventually met for our first date at the movies.

It was so much fun! She was just as she'd described herself and we had  grand time together. She was a perfect gentleman the whole time. I felt so safe and respected. It's no wonder we quickly fell in love. She told me she loved me first and has proven it so many times in words and actions.

The first time we kissed (she asked permission to kiss me) it felt like an electric shock going up my spine. We both looked at each other in amazement and at that moment we both knew we'd found 'the one'. So not kidding, it was that intense. Ok, I'll hush now. Come by and say hi if you want.

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